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About Scoop Granola

Scoop Granola came about from a desire to have a breakfast

or snack that was high protein, vegan, paleo and grain free

- and of course, tasted great!

The flavours had to be unique. It couldn't be "just another granola". 

By using chipotle and nutmeg to spice up the fruit and nutty flavours, there are two truly distinctive tastes. Maybe even addictive!

South West Style - with Dried Pineapple and Chipotle

Simple and Savory - with Dried Apricots and Nutmeg

I've always enjoyed granola, but found that the high grain content (oats usually) left me hungry and unsatisfied by mid-morning.  By adding more nuts and seeds and eliminating the grains, the results are a much more sustaining granola.  With yogurt and berries in the morning, it will carry you through until lunch.

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